‘Tis the season to be jolly

Sadness is trying to creep up on me. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it is this seasonal depression thing. Or it could be all in my mind.

Two of my three children are away for the holidays. I feel kinda lost without them. They have been in my life for 22 and 18 years. Although I get sad about them being away, I want them to enjoy their ‘life’ while they still can. Tomorrow is never promised… live today! I can still remember those excited little faces when it was time to open Christmas gifts. I would always let them open at least one gift on Christmas Eve. Just to see their excitement brought joy to my heart. We didn’t have a lot then but I always made due with what I had. Looking back, I don’t believe they were ever unhappy. That was always (and still is) important to me.

That was my mission in life … to make sure that my kids were never without. Their gifts were never filled with name brand things and it was never too expensive for my budget. I remember one year, I bought a Wii as a family gift. I made sure to get games that all of us could play. I wasn’t as good as the kids were with Super Mario, but they got a kick out of watching me lose. But hey, I got my revenge with Jeopardy. They were not as smart as I was back then (LOL). Now… I think I would have some serious competition because I raised two intelligent young adults. They would give me a run for my money!!

As I sat and reflected on all of the good times we had when it was just me and my two children, I am trying my best to make ‘new and memorable’ memories with my new family. My husband is beyond what I could have ever asked God for. He is strong, compassionate, intelligent, loving, supportive, a hard worker … the list goes on. I love him with all of my being. And together, we get to celebrate Christmas and a birthday with the youngest before the new year begins. A new year means a new journey is about to begin… for all of us.

So to chase off this sadness, I decided to get up and bake a sweet potato pie. The sweet potatoes are boiling and the house smells of cinnamon and nutmeg. If that isn’t a ‘feel good’ smell to get your mind right, I don’t know what is.

Until next time … be blessed!