Peace spot

Everyone wants to feel safe or have a place of refuge. It may be in a church, it could be in a library, or it could be in the comfort of someone else’s home. But my place of refuge is my bathroom.

Yes, you read that right. It may seem strange. Why not just go in another room or even a closet … but a bathroom? Let me explain. My bathroom is in the master bedroom. It is in a corner away from EVERYTHING. There is a small window to look out of and on those rainy days, it has the best visual and audio of outside that you can imagine. I can see the trees and the sky and can tell just what kind of day it will be. The sun rises and sets away from the window so it is never too bright in there. Then there are the candles. I’ll light two at a time, sometimes three. However, I make sure the scents of the candles do not overpower each other.

But the best part about my safe spot is the small tower heater. My husband is always hot. I am cold-natured. So, having direct heat during these cool, sometimes cold winter days, is perfect for me. While the entire house is sub-zero degrees, I’m in my little heat box (lol). So with the heat, the smell from the candles and an outside view, I have THE perfect spot – my peace spot.

Now don’t think I am just there to handle ‘business’. On the contrary, I normally sit ‘on top’ of the commode just to have a few moments to myself. No TV, no computer, no noise and sometimes no phone. My husband will sometime peep in to check on me… or it could be just to see what I am doing (lol). Either way, he is very supportive of my quiet time. Even if it is in the bathroom. Some people have their greatest ideas while in the bathroom. Hey, that is the perfect time to ‘think’. In fact, I am in my peace spot now typing this blog.

When you suffer from depression, sometimes you want to be alone in your own thoughts. Not in a negative way, it’s just the nature of the beast – we are always thinking. Well… at least I do. So why not utilize my quiet time to think … and write. Now that you know my peace spot, what is yours?

Until next time … be blessed!

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