My ‘Ah-Haa’ Moment

I had an 'AH-HAA' moment today. It really wasn't news. Just another observation that I already knew, but put in into the back of my head for safe keeping. Alot of times, the not so important stuff is in the forefront of my brain and the 'other' is nestled in the back until it's time … Continue reading My ‘Ah-Haa’ Moment

Feeling like Moses

I've been feeling good the last few days. The anticipation of my book was exciting. Another page in my chapter is about to be written. My husband took me out to celebrate my book release last night. A great meal, great drinks, many congratulations ... I felt so overwhelmingly special. I thought maybe my anxiety … Continue reading Feeling like Moses

My purpose in life.

I am a ball of emotions. My mind is drowning in thoughts. My head hurts. Not sure if I should go left or right. Or up or down. Everything is building up, building up. I feel an explosion on the horizon. But only the GOOD explosion will reveal itself. October 2016, while out on a … Continue reading My purpose in life.

In the midnight hour

I'm the only one awake. Wide awake. It seems to be a norm for me the last few weeks. My mind is playing tricks on me. During the Christmas holidays, my doctor decided to increase my dosage to twice the amount I was originally taking. But instead of a change in my emotions, it changed … Continue reading In the midnight hour

I never forgot

I am my own worst critic. I have to remind myself of this on my bad days. Because well... I am my own worst critic. Sometimes I wonder just when did my self-esteem get ruined? Or maybe I should ask how many times has it gotten ruined? There were plenty. More times than I care … Continue reading I never forgot

Being alone

It sucks being an introvert. However, it is hard coming out of your shell when you feel so safe in the inside. I wasn't that way in the beginning. I don't know what happened. Life, I guess. In my younger days (some 30 + years ago) even though I was depressed, I wanted to get … Continue reading Being alone