My purpose in life.

I am a ball of emotions. My mind is drowning in thoughts. My head hurts. Not sure if I should go left or right. Or up or down. Everything is building up, building up. I feel an explosion on the horizon. But only the GOOD explosion will reveal itself.

October 2016, while out on a medical leave, I proceeded to write. Nothing in particular… just writing. See, being a Pisces on top of depression, I have a very imaginary mind. So I put these imaginary thoughts on paper. Which led into a story. Which led into a novella (in case you are not familiar with that word, it means a long story or a short novel). I came up with characters, events, situations, etc. until I was able to piece everything together. The result was a book entitled Inside Of Me. Release Date: January 25, 2019

A book. I am still trying to piece together how this all happened. One thing is for sure… this book was put in the air over 20 years ago by a blessed woman of God I call Mom… my children’s Grandmother … Betty Oldham. She always believed in me when I couldn’t and wouldn’t believe in myself. SN: If you are ever blessed to have someone who believes in your abilities far more than you do, please keep those people in your life.

Here I am, 49 years old and I finally know what my purpose is in life. The rest of the [hell] time in between was just getting me prepared. A part of me wishes that I knew what my purpose was back when I was in my twenties. However, God does things in His own timing so I’ll just live in the moment. My goal with this book is get people to realize that depression is real. There is help. You matter.

Besides God, I thank my husband Mark for standing right by my side when I cussed and said FORGET IT!! {lol} I am truly grateful for this man that God blessed me with. Thank you, my love, for loving me and helping me fulfill my purpose.

Until next time… Be blessed!

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