Be there without asking questions

I'm having a bad day. No... I had a bad week which kept festering into this bad day. I did something today which I don't normally do. I text my daughter. I try not to show my weak side to any of my children. I try. Today, I just needed to correspond with her. The … Continue reading Be there without asking questions

The inevitable

We all know that death is inevitable. It will come whether it's planned or not. We never know the day nor the hour. It can be scary for a person like me because I am always thinking about death. Now before you go assuming, I'm not talking about 'taking' my own life. That's far from … Continue reading The inevitable

Before it’s too late

Talk to someone. Don't let those inner demons take over. Telling you that you are not worthy... making you believe you will not amount to anything in life... saying no one loves you... insisting no one cares... saying that the world will be better off without you. Your mind is telling you lies. Fight it. … Continue reading Before it’s too late

Today, I feel like crying.

I'm not having a good day. Physically... I'm ok. Mentally... I'm drained. Why? I don't know. I just want to go home. It is such a beautiful day outside. Warmer than usual weather is upon us. A nice breeze is even blowing. It actually felt good to walk downtown during my lunch break. However, this … Continue reading Today, I feel like crying.

It is a BIG DEAL!

Here I go thinking again. At least my mind is not going around in circles ... this time. No, this time my focus is on one thing and it's rather amazing. I spoke with a representative from my book distributor tonight. The book has been acknowledged in the states, of course. But she also told … Continue reading It is a BIG DEAL!

Just Perfect

It's bad enough being home and feeling alone. At least you are around familiar territory. It's worse to be surrounded by people and feeling lonely. I started a new job. And with a new job comes new responsibilities. That's fine. It's just meeting new people, learning different personalities, and making a good impression that is … Continue reading Just Perfect