Just Perfect

It’s bad enough being home and feeling alone. At least you are around familiar territory. It’s worse to be surrounded by people and feeling lonely.

I started a new job. And with a new job comes new responsibilities. That’s fine. It’s just meeting new people, learning different personalities, and making a good impression that is terrifying. It’s to the point that my teeth are clenched, my neck is tensed and I am jittery. I need a Clonazepam, but it makes me sleepy. I surely don’t need for anyone to see my head resting against the monitor. [Can you see that visual?] lol

I’m glad my husband and I took a trip this past weekend just to get away before the start of my new job adventure. It was great just to be away and think about absolutely nothing! The Appalachian Mountains were so beautiful. It was an endless stretch of one of God’s greatest creations. The weather was so perfect! JUST PERFECT!

Welp… back to reality. I have books to sell and bills to pay. So all of this anxiety that I am feeling needs to be put on the backburner and just deal with it. I know it is going to take time to adjust to my new environment. But if you don’t know anything about being anxious, we want our things done YESTERDAY. Our minds need to process in the ‘right now’ and not wait. Or maybe it’s just me. Well, it’s time to go back to my training.

Until next time … be blessed.

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