Before it’s too late

Talk to someone.

Don’t let those inner demons take over. Telling you that you are not worthy… making you believe you will not amount to anything in life… saying no one loves you… insisting no one cares… saying that the world will be better off without you. Your mind is telling you lies. Fight it. Fight hard.

Talk to someone.

Grab someone, anyone. A friend. A stranger. Tell them “I AM NOT OK!” Express to them all of the pain you feel inside and you don’t want to hurt anymore. Pull them to the side and say ‘I NEED HELP!” because my world is spiraling out of control and I can’t stop it. I’m scared. I’m losing control. Help me!

Talk to someone.

You may think you are alone. You are not. I am here. They are there. Someone will hear you if only you will talk… shout… cry… yell. I need you. They need you. We need you. Right here. So we can go through this journey called LIFE together. TOGETHER.

Talk to someone. Before it’s too late.
© Wendy Shipman

Until next time… be blessed.

Talk To Someone Now

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