The inevitable

We all know that death is inevitable. It will come whether it’s planned or not. We never know the day nor the hour. It can be scary for a person like me because I am always thinking about death.

Now before you go assuming, I’m not talking about ‘taking’ my own life. That’s far from what I meant. What I mean when I say I am always thinking about death, for a person whose mind is constantly thinking, sometimes the worst is assumed (in my case anyway). Realistically, I am more closer to death now than I was 30 years ago. Think about it. [See…. I told you my mind is constantly in overdrive.]

The first real experience that affected me was an elementary school classmate. How could someone so young, like me, be dead? I thought only old people died? That was a life changer. Then as years pass, some of my peers perished by suicide, accidents, and sickness.

As I got older, my dynamics changed. I had children. As a mother, you do everything humanly and spiritually possible to keep your children covered and protected by this evil world. I would go to the end of the earth and back just to make sure they are safe. But then there are some mothers who lose a child. Whether they are in their infancy or old enough to have their own grandchildren, your child is a blessing that God gave YOU. And when that child is taken away, the hurt is immeasurable… at any age.

The next question would be, “How do you know? You’ve never lost a child?” That’s true, I haven’t (and I am very blessed and thankful). However, God gave me these gifts called discernment, compassion and empathy. I won’t question God as to why He gave these gifts to me because it is scary sometimes. The level of hurt I feel for someone is as hurtful if it actually happened to me. When I learned that someone in my family lost her son last night, I was overwhelmed with sadness and darkness. My heart hurt. There was this dead weight that overcame my entire body. And I can imagine that is how this mother felt at that very moment.

In the end, all I can really do is pray. Pray for the safety and well being of ALL of my family and friends. Pray that my mind focuses more on LIVING instead of the inevitable. Pray for peace in a country that is being destroyed within its own territory. Pray.

Until next time … be blessed!