Bondage in my own mind

Sometimes... no, alot of times... my insecurities get the best of me. It's not like I go searching for reasons to feel this way. Unfortunately, it already has a home embedded in the far back corner of my mind where I try to keep it hidden. But quite often, it makes an ugly appearance. You … Continue reading Bondage in my own mind

LoveNHappiness — markshipmansr

🥰❤❤❤ HE LOVES ME ❤❤❤🥰 It’s been ALMOST a year. It’s fitting that our anniversary will this year fall on “Resurrection Sunday” because this woman resurrected in me something that I thought was dead, the ability to love again. I felt that I had already received way more blessings than I deserved. I was thankful … Continue reading LoveNHappiness — markshipmansr

I need a little solitude

I'm tired. I can't quite put my hands on why, I just know I'm tired. Mentally, I am drowning in my own thoughts. It's not even a specific thing. It's several things swirling around together. Physically, I feel like I am not getting enough sleep. I have no problems with insomnia. I just can't seem … Continue reading I need a little solitude


Friends. You gain friends starting in elementary school. Where you all shared missing teeth and childish adventures. Those are the same friends who grew up with you all throughout middle and high school. At 18, it was time to travel other paths to possibly leave old friends and create new ones. During this journey called … Continue reading “Fake”ships

I lost my ‘strong’

One of the definitions of the word strong is able to withstand great force or pressure. My daughter recently told me that she is the strong woman she is today because she has a strong mother. The truth is ... I am not as indestructible as she thinks I am. I promised God when or … Continue reading I lost my ‘strong’