I am ashamed

I am ashamed. And I should be. Not only did I jeopardize my current health, I could quite possibly have jeopardized my future health. All because for just a split moment, I was embarrassed. I went in for a routine 3 month follow up visit to my primary care provider. The nurse asked me a … Continue reading I am ashamed

Simple pleasures

My husband suggested I should go get a pedicure today. Not sure if that was a subliminal message about how my feet look 🤔 or a general recommendation to relax. I'll choose to believe the latter. As you know, the last few weeks have not been so good for me mentally. Unfortunately, I am still … Continue reading Simple pleasures

Readers’ Favorite Review

The last few weeks have been a challenge for me mentally. I've been doing what I do best - overthinking. Second guessing myself seems to be a norm these days. However, I try to live each day as it comes. This morning, though, brought about a confirmation that God told me a while ago. I … Continue reading Readers’ Favorite Review

The hole is too deep

I am in week three. Feels like my depression is getting worse. They say it is always worse before it gets better, though. But how long will it be before I get some relief? I am tired of feeling like this. As I sit here, I think about the commercial on t.v. where the woman … Continue reading The hole is too deep