I need to do better

It’s 3:25pm CT… and I haven’t eaten anything or even drank a sip of water. Why not? I don’t know. Just didn’t feel like eating, I guess. I haven’t been in a great mental space to do much of anything lately. That’s another post for another time.

I need to do better. I know that I need to do better. However when my mind is occupied with “stuff” sometimes it’s hard to grasp reality in that moment. That hunger headache will grab my attention soon though. I can guarantee that!

I need to be careful not to trigger another headache. I had a migraine from Sunday to Sunday… 8 straight days of pure agony. 8 days of wondering if it was the beginning stages of an aneurism… or a stroke … or ‘the end’. But I had to keep moving as if nothing was wrong. My usual – I’m ok.

So, I guess I better find something to eat before I fall out – literally – because of low blood sugar. But what do I want? 🤔

Until next time … be blessed!

2 thoughts on “I need to do better

  1. I forget to eat or can’t eat when I am stressed out. Thankfully my husband packs my lunch aka snacks like yogurt, and reminds me to eat when we are at home. We have been together 7 years & he’s always done this, he loves to cook & he loves food lol. For me, food is a social event. Otherwise I can’t be bothered. But, I WILL SAY THIS. WE need to eat according to our HEAD NOT OUR STOMACH. My mom passed a few years ago of a mental breakdown which I think led to her death of cancer bc she wouldn’t go to the dr til stage 4. Starting from about my age, 52- (she died at 65) she stopped eating. I mean, she might eat 2 saltines a day and eventually her hair started falling out. So even before my husband & I moved in together, I tried to make myself eat even when I wasn’t hungry. I found it works best to eat the most during the day, grazing. Honestly, its still a struggle, I have to have the “right” stuff, I am very picky & I don’t want to stop and “fix” things but I don’t want junk food either. See how involved it is? I don’t think people get the struggle? ITs SO involved to just eat. I encourage you to start a food journal, that helped me to THINK more about what I was eating and when. If you like to journal, which I do, I don’t do it now, but it got me started in awareness. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, the struggle is real.

    1. I am glad you understand my struggles. My husband has a habit now of asking me if I’ve eaten. Which I am glad because alot of times, I don’t think about it until I talk with him.
      I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. What i am glad about though is that YOU acknowledged the eating issues your mom had and understand not to do that to yourself. 🙂 And It seems like you have a wonderful and caring husband! ❤ That is a real blessing!!