Today WILL be a good day

I can feel my myself slipping. Slipping right into that dark space I hate residing in. I don’t want to go there, not today. Today is a day of Thanksgiving, not sulking. 😖 《sigh》

I spent most of the morning and afternoon cooking yesterday. My intention was to reserve this day for relaxing and enjoying my time with my husband, son and Rico. But I started reminiscing about the Thanksgiving holidays I spent with my daughter and son. The three of us would spend the day eating, watching movies, playing card games, playing the Wii and eating some more. For 12 years, it was just us. Now, they are grown and doing their own thing. It hurts sometimes that I don’t get to see them during the holidays. Obviously, it bothers me more than I care to talk about with anyone.

Somehow, I have to refocus my distracted mind on what’s important. Please don’t get me wrong … I am thankful. I am blessed. I am happy my entire family is alive and healthy. I am beyond appreciative that I have this opportunity to have such a beauty family. I am. But this ole mind of mine does the absolute most sometimes but trailing off the straight path. It likes to veer off to the left. But today, I will control the path I go down.

With that being said, I think I will go in my PEACE SPOT and have a little talk with The Almighty! I will thank Him over and over for this day – a day I have never seen and a day I will never see again. I will thank Him for the NEW memories I am making with my husband. Today WILL be a good Thanksgiving Day!

Please be safe and enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday. Until next time … be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Today WILL be a good day

  1. it’s taken me 3 years to get beyond laying in bed the entire weekend, empty nesting sucks! It’s an overlooked issue in our culture and I no longer take it personally but realize the value of family over work is not a value any longer. I’m learning to value peace and doing for myself (still serving Him) by nurturing my mental health. I still am uncomfortable with this, but endeavor to be thankful in all circumstances. not Happy/but quiet gratitude. Wishing you well!

    1. I am trying really hard to accept it for what it is. Being an “empty-nester” is a horrible feeling, yet I am truly blessed to have raised two remarkable children. I have another son who needs my nurturing just like I gave my biologicals. My husband and I have 2.5 more years before he will leave the nest. Like you, I will be thankful for all circumstances, and take life as it comes. I hope you had a great holiday! ❤ Best wishes to you!

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