Introducing SKYY

Wow! What an eye-opening day! I still get tickled thinking about today’s event. I knew this day would come… I was hoping I had more time. But time waits for no man (or wo-man). 😂 I am not excluded.

Introducing SKYY… like the sky is blue!

Yes, I gave my cane a name, so don’t judge me. I might as well name her since she will be very close to me at all times. My husband was with me when I went to the DME (durable medical equipment) store. There wasn’t much of a colorful selection of canes. But this flashy ‘lady’ caught my eye. There were several black canes, which would go with all of my clothes, but it was too basic. There was also a dull bronze cane . but it was just that – dull. Then, there was a camouflage cane… that is not my style. However, this bright sky blue and silver beauty sure did catch my eye!

I tried it out as soon as I left the store. I can feel the difference walking with it versus walking without. Since my spinal stenosis and sciatica are really painful, I’ll do whatever I need to do in order to get relief.

I should be feeling some type of way about walking with a cane. 😏 Geeeeez … A CANE! Even my own mother who is over 70 never used a cane. Yeah … I know everyone ages differently (at least I don’t look 50 – so I am told). But I realize more and more each day that I am getting older. And with age, some parts of my body can’t stay 20 years old forever. My knees sound like Rice Krispies, my eyesight is getting blurrier and now that the bones in my spine are degenerating, I need a cane to help me stay mobile. And with all of that being said, I am still alive.

So if you see me in the streets with Skyy, don’t pass judgement. Even if you do pass judgement, that’s ok too. I will do what is necessary to keep fulfilling what I need to do in life – with a cane. I am grateful and blessed that I am still able to move around (even with pain).

Until next time … be blessed.

4 thoughts on “Introducing SKYY

  1. Good morning I have a cane and it really help me To keep my balance .so stay encouraged I am like you I am glad for cane and mine Is like pink I call it my other leg Love youSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone