I need some motivation. I need something, anything, that will “jump-start” my mind to starting focusing. Right now, my visions are all over the place. Distractions have found a nesting place and I just can’t get settled. Has anyone ever felt that way? Unsettled?

Well yours truly is riddled with that ‘unsettling’ feeling. This is definitely not a good thing to have when you are already an overthinker. There’s no telling what my mind would start to process.

I called myself taking a hiatus from Facebook. Trust me … it is a good thing, however FB was my ‘getaway’ place when I became stressed. Current events, celebrations and even the lives of some miserable people 😏 became a way to focus off of my life – just for a moment. However, those moments became minutes, then hours. So now, I need to find another way to de-stress.

I would love very much to go to a secluded place – a beach or mountains maybe – to just write. No outside distractions, just write. But because of terrible foreign matters that are going on between countries, it’s probably best to stay where I am and fervently pray for our servicemen and women. I won’t include any political viewpoints on my blog (right now). Just know, I am not at all happy about the tensions certain individuals have caused. **See … DISTRACTION!!!!*** 🙄

Our son is going back to college next weekend (DISTRACTION) so I’m more than sure my emotions will be all over the place. 😔 My daughter is seeking new adventures in Nursing (DISTRACTION). My steroid injection is wearing off 🥺 (DISTRACTION). [Jesus, keep me near the cross.] But, I am more than a conqueror. I have survived wa-a-a-y more than this so I know I will overcome. I will!

Until next time … be blessed.

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