The loss felt around the world… Kobe Bryant

Speechless. Heartbroken. Confused. Overwhelmed. Devastated. These are some of the words that describe how I truly feel about the recent deaths of Kobe Bryant, his beautiful daughter Gianna, and the other seven passengers aboard the helicopter that crashed last Sunday, January 26th. It all just seems like a bad dream that the world can’t seem to wake up from. It is a tremendous loss felt around the world.

Men DO cry! Men SHOULD cry! Men have the right to shed tears when the weight of their emotions are overwhelming.

Wendy Shipman

Here I am, feeling like I just lost my closest friend. Everytime I see a report on a news app, I start to cry. Everytime I see a picture of the love shared between Kobe and his daughter, I cry. When I see old videos of interviews showing Kobe’s bright personality and the beautiful love he had for his wife and daughters, I cry. But WHY am I crying? I have never met this man or his daughter. Honestly, I am not even a basketball fan (I am a NFL girl). But to see how this man enlightened so many in the basketball world, it is so inspiring. To be drafted straight out of high school… he had to have been one talented young man! And to have played for one team, the LA Lakers, for 20 years … his entire career? God truly had his hand on Kobe Bryant to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time!

But why did he have to die just when his ‘life’ was about to really start? The short answer is … there is a countdown on every individual that walks this earth. Kobe was no different. We are all walking around with a ‘countdown’ upon us. We all have something in us that we have to give to the world around us. You can write a book, open a new business, help with the elderly, serve food to the homeless. You can do whatever God has gifted you to do. He granted us the time. God has given us ‘work’ that need to be completed. And once that work is done, He will call you home to have your final rest. I believe that Kobe accomplished his work for the world. He brought joy to the game of basketball. And he brought joy to his fans.

What really bothers me though is the negative, insensitive comments that are/were said about Kobe. I don’t personally know this man from Adam Housecat, but I will say that the mockery of his past mistakes had no business being dug up from the grave when the news of his death was revealed. When I say that I haven’t met a perfect person yet … I mean that wholeheartedly!! And if you or anyone reading this has ever met a “perfect” person, let me know and I will offer my sincerest apology! I mean, come on … who hasn’t made mistakes in their lifetime? Should that mistake follow you wherever you go? But that is how some people are. They live off of digging in dirt. πŸ˜’

{Sigh} I suppose if everyone had the same mentality I do, it would be a pretty boring world to live in. I can’t help it if I have compassion for others. I want to see the good in everyone. I don’t want to hold on to the bad. But in my opinion, some folks just make matters worse by their own actions without thinking about the consequences. I guess that is the life of people who are famous. The spotlight will always shine on their good and their shortcomings.

It all just seems like a bad dream that the world can’t seem to wake up from.

Wendy Shipman

One thing that I have noticed since the deaths are that the men, who do their best to try to hold everything on their shoulders, are not holding back their tears. And I commend the men for showing their true feelings and not worried about what others may think. Men DO cry! Men SHOULD cry! Men have the right to shed tears when the weight of their emotions are overwhelming. “It is ok to cry, Sir!” We’ve seen Shaquille O’neal, Doc Rivers, LeBron James cry. We’ve also seen Bill at the grocery store, James at the barbershop, Paul in the local Sports Bar shedding tears behind this horrific accident. Men, never be ashamed for being human.

My sincerest condolences to ALL of the families and friends affected by the tragic loss of these nine lives. I pray that you get peace, comfort and understanding as to ‘why’ this happened. May God wrap His loving arms around each of you. πŸ’”πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’”

πŸ•Š R.I.P πŸ•Š

Until next time … be blessed!

2 thoughts on “The loss felt around the world… Kobe Bryant

  1. Incredibly sad and he was a positive force. I don’t know anything about basketball either. Unaware of the negativity re his mistakes but who cares? In the light of so much negative social media influencers it’s a real loss and I think that’s why I’m affected also. I usually am a cynic . thank you for addressing helped me make sense of my own sadness.