My personal life belongs to me

When you were younger, did you ever dream of being famous? Did you ever sing into your hair brush thinking you were going to be a STAR SEARCH contestant (I am telling my age – some of you might remember this show)? Did you ever want to appear in front of a movie screen with your favorite actor/actress? Did you ever want to be a celebrity who was well-known as one of the rich and famous? If you said no, I am going to need you to think back just a little further. Every kid has dreams of becoming bigger and better than what they were at a particular time in their life. I am no exception. Because I just knew I was going to be Michael Jackson’s girlfriend at age 8. 😅

But to be truthful, I am glad my life didn’t turn out that way. Not saying there is anything wrong with being in the spotlight. Not at all! Kudos to those who did. I am genuinely happy for the ones who ‘made it’. I’m just saying that a life like that is not in the cards for me.

I look at situations where celebrities have their entire personal history in the National Inquirer or plastered on the cover of People magazine (not those magazines specifically, just giving examples of magazine outlets). Or better yet, they are on every social media platform there is – which I personally believe is far worse. For instance, there is Michael Vick who will forever be scrutinized because he had been convicted as a felon years ago. This man served his time for his crime, yet he will forever be known as a contributor in dog fighting, not that he was one of the best quarterback of his time. Charlie Sheen’s admittance to being HIV positive back 2015, even though he knew about his condition four years prior. Robin Williams, a well-know actor who starred in many movies and television shows, committed suicide in 2014 after battling with depression. You have these people (and many, many others) who have had their images judged all because of being familiar around the world.

I said all of this to say that once you are in the limelight, your personal life will belong to you and the millions of people who follow you, whether you are alive or dead. Like I mentioned in a blog a few weeks ago, when Kobe Bryant was killed, several people wanted to bring up his previous sexual assault charge (not conviction) and the man’s body was barely cold when this happened. But why? Why must people bring out the worst of people at the most inconvenient and most insensitive time?

I love my privacy. I love the fact that whatever ‘bad’ thing that has happened in my life, it is not broadcasted among the masses (which I don’t believe I have anything bad to broadcast – but you get my point 😏). I love the intimacy I have between my immediate family and my true friends. My life is just that … my life! And I am thankful.

Until next time … be blessed.