Happy Birthday To Me!

March 14th, I will turn 51 years old. What have I accomplished throughout the years? Let me self-evaluate and see.

First, I graduated from one of the most well known high schools because of the former head football coach (John McKissick) – Summerville High School, Summerville SC (class of 1987). Then I birthed two of the most beautiful angels on earth – my daughter and son. Then, I was happily divorced in 2008. (LOL – listen, that was a blessing – yall have no idea 😁). Then I graduated with an AAS in Criminal Justice when I was 47 years old. Then I bought my first vehicle (paid in full). Then I married the LOVE OF MY LIFE (and acquired another son) in 2018. Then I self-published my first book in 2019.

Wow! Writing this all down seems like … well … alot! I need to make a mental note so when the next time I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in life (trust me, I have had plenty of days that I did), I can refer back to this blog. Going through trials and tribulations in life make you forget about the good things that have actually happen. My birthday will be a day to think of nothing but the many blessings I have received. Not many people have lived to see 51 years. Happy Birthday to me!

Until next time … be blessed.

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