Praying for patience, peace and understanding

Too much is going on at one time. For an anxiety sufferer like myself, I am beginning to feel like I am suffocating. And it is not so much of being confined to the house. No. I actually find being home more comforting. It is the fact of hearing all of the bad news not only from afar, but right here in the United States – right here in my own backyard in the state of Alabama.

Pandemic. I never would have thought that I would be a ‘participant’ in a real pandemic this severe. That is something that I studied about in grade school ump-teen years ago. This is not something my generation was supposed to go through. Not now, not ever. Fortunately, I nor my immediate family are affected by coronavirus. Thank God. But every day, nearly every hour, there is word about more confirmed cases, more deaths and that is mind boggling to actually believe. Yes, we had the Swine Flu about 10 years ago, but the impact of deaths worldwide is staggering. But before that was the Spanish Flu back in 1918. 50 million deaths is unimaginable, until now.

For those of you who suffer from anxiety, do you find yourself more anxious now? I know I am. I try not to be but for someone who constantly overthinks, constantly worries, my anxiety is through the roof. I have made myself turn off social media during certain times of the day. I don’t look at the news on tv, nor do I listen to music on the radio. I have basically cut myself off of a substantial amount of entertainment. I have a daughter who is a nurse living in another state with my GRANDCAT (😺). I have a 70+ year old mother who lives in another state as well. Both of them are living close to 7 hours away and are not within a hop & skip’s reach in case they need me. And this is partly why I worry. So more and more, I spend my time on the back porch talking with my husband watching our dog pee on every bush. (LOL) Our sons are inside either doing college school assignments online or playing PS4 or Xbox. Trying to occupy MY mind is essential to MY health.

The best part about all of this (I am not discounting the tragedies) is that I am not alone. Before this happened, I was home alone with Rico (my Pug) but he is like a toddler so I was always occupied, per se. My husband was working and both sons were in school. Now, I have them all under one roof – safe. I am also thankful for the many things we take for granted – electricity, water, internet, food and shipping delivery options. Because, it could be so much worse without the essential items that are needed for our every day needs.

As I end this blog, I am sending prayers to the many people across the globe who are sick from this coronavirus. I pray for the many, many healthcare workers who are on the frontline helping those in need – having to be away from their own homes (spouses & children) to take care of those in dire need of assistance. I pray for everyone’s patience, peace and understanding as to why this is happening? Why it took so long to prevent it from happening? When will this madness stop happening? My fellow readers… please take care of yourselves and your families.

Until next time … be blessed.

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