Every day

Every day. This is more than my mentality can handle. The chest pains aren’t from COVID-19, it’s from anxiety attacks. Every day, people are dying. The proverbial “dropping like flies” come to mind. And it’s sad. It’s hurtful. It’s scary. I am afraid to look at social media because there is sure to be a death notice upon opening. Not just from the coronavirus, but other deaths as well. Yes, I am afraid.

And to think, people are still not taking the necessary precautions seriously. Beaches, restaurants, grooming places retail stores … they will all be ‘business as usual’ within the next few weeks. PEOPLE … THIS VIRUS IS NOT UNDER CONTROL YET!!! Is getting your nails done and cutting your hair more important than your health? Or are you planning to indulge in ‘disinfectant cocktails’ like the current president suggested to stop the virus from invading your body? 🙄 (That’s another blog for another day.)

Listen, I can understand why business owners are frightened that their livelihood is at stake because of the decline in the economy. I do. But you are not alone in this struggle. By having the stay-at-home issue removed, you are bound to get more business because so many people have cabin fever and need somewhere to go. That’s ideal. HOWEVER, what if these patrons spread the virus to more and more people? Then you would still lose out on income if there is no one there to come and support your business.

Sigh. Sometimes I feel alone in this fight to stay at home. Right now, it is the safest place to be. I worry every time we have places to go as a necessity. I have an MRI and CT scheduled on different dates before the end of May. I am terrified beyond what you can imagine. Entering a place where I can’t be guaranteed I’d be safe from harm is taking a toll on me. I try my best to pray and be hopeful – but sometimes I fail.

Every day, I am thankful my family is healthy and virus free. Every day, I am paralyzed with fear praying these chest pains are just from anxiety. Every day, I pray my children remember to wear their masks and wash/sanitize their hands religiously. Every day, I thank God for my husband’s health and I am very appreciative of his diligence to make sure we all are safe. Every day, I beg to hear the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths are decreasing. As of now though, only time will tell.

Until next time … be blessed (and safe).

2 thoughts on “Every day

  1. Wendy just hold tight and let God have its way by stressing you are hurting your own self and I know it’s hard that’s the human part of us but and I know I’m reading your blogs and you say that you’re praying but if you going to pray and turn it in the hands of God you can’t pick it up and make your own self sick God don’t get no glory out of you being sick I love you I want you to be here a long time.