Mad as hell!

It’s been a while since I have written anything. My days and nights have been filled with sorrow and fear. Anger and anxiety. Hopelessness and anguish. And on top of all of that, I am mad as hell!

Some of the most vile and poisonous venom with words come from the person who sit in the cubicle next to you.

The world is in chaos. The people are angry because law enforcement officers are killing black men and are not being convicted for their crimes. This president is a joke and does not displaying any kind of leadership – only further controversy within our country. Racists are walking around more freely and without their hoods on, thinking that it is acceptable to talk to people of color any kind of way. It’s not! Back then, it was gotten away with. Now … let’s just say, we are not like our ancestors. We will fight back and defend ourselves. And get this … we don’t even have to lay a finger on them. Those racists display their hatred among social media. Some of the most vile and poisonous venom with words come from the person who sit in the cubicle next to you. However, with all of the media research, investigations, and time because of COVID-19, we have the most skilled FBI agents on Facebook and Twitter but these regular folks don’t get the recognition they deserve. (Some of them do need to work for the FBI!) Those comments … the one where you say the N word, the one where you say you would run over protesters if they got in the way, the one where you posted a picture of former President Obama with a noose around his neck … yeah… those comments are being screenshot and given to your employer. Do you really think your employer want to be associated with a racist?

I, along with millions of others, witnessed the horrific death of George Floyd – an unarmed black man held down by 3 police officers (one of whom kept his knee on Floyd’s neck until he could not breathe). And one officer who kept the other three guarded while this heinous crime occurred. It occurred by law enforcement that who was sworn to serve and protect. Apparently, the people they have sworn to serve and protect are not for everyone. With that being said, who are we as people of color supposed to depend on? Do you know what hurt the most? What hurt the most was that this dying man called on the name of his Mother. A mother who died two years prior to his death. A son seeking protection and love from the woman that gave birth to him. A son’s love for his Mother – it broke the hearts of mothers all across the globe. Myself included. I have two sons. I pray that I would never have to know that my son had to call my name in severe distress and I not be there to help him. It is an unfathomable thought, not only for my son but for my daughter as well.

What hurt the most was that this dying man called on the name of his (deceased) Mother.

I am proud of this current generation, people of all colors, as they display power, unity, and a demand for justice. They want nothing but peaceful protests and their voices to be heard. It’s just the ‘outsiders’ who are coming around and starting the bickering that instigates the riots and the looting. Those ‘outsiders’ whose main purpose was to damage the peaceful protesters’ accountability, made the onlookers think all they were out to do was to damage the cities. Those ‘outsiders’ drove buses to protests to make it look like they were on our side, but instead they instigated havoc among areas.

Whooooooooooo… I really needed to vent and get that off of my chest. It’s alot to deal with. As a black woman, I will have to deal with racism for the remainder of my life. I don’t get judged by my character, I get judged by the color of my skin. I just pray, for my children’s sake, this world will be joined together as one race – where no one sees color and live in peace and harmony.

Please remember, COVID-19 is still out there. New cases are being reported every day. Stay safe.

Until next time … be blessed!