Such peace

I am sitting on the back porch with Rico (my pug) praying this citronella candle works to repel mosquitoes. My paranoia makes me wonder who that mosquito could have bitten before me? 😳 Or is it just me?

As the sounds of crickets echoes, Rico is perched in the corner of the porch, as if in some small way, he is protecting his Momma. Then, I see a beautiful display of lightening bugs. This takes me back to my childhood. Thinking back about sitting outside on the front porch steps while looking at the ‘stars’ blinking before my eyes. It was like beautiful yellow diamonds glistening in the dark.

Such peace (except for the frogs). No thoughts about anything going on in the world. If only times like this could last. But the reality is, life happens. So I will enjoy these small moments as they come.

Until next time… be blessed.