I want more

Have you ever been in a bind where you want to do ‘something’ but you don’t know what that something is? You have dozens of ideas … but that BUT always get in the way.

… but do I have enough money to start?

… but will I be good at it?

… but can I really do it?

… but?

I know, you are probably saying ‘Wendy, you self-published an award winning book?’ Yes, I did. However, should I limit myself into just one book? I want more. I just don’t have that inner drive to figure out what I need to do. That is what a depressive disorder can do to your mind. It tells you YOU CAN’T. I had dreams about one particular thing, but I don’t have the resources to fulfill it…. yet.

I am hoping I can figure out things from some groups that offer entrepreneurial expertise, business knowledge and/or professional development. It is important for me to keep busy. Too many distractions for an overthinking mind to handle. Too many! I would love to just get on the road with my husband and just ride to ANY destination getaway just to brainstorm. BUT! {sigh}

This is the time for me to start some soul searching, heart-felt praying and figuring out what’s next. My life is not over. I am still able to do things I couldn’t if I was overtaken by COVID. So it’s time to STOP wasting time. How about you? Do you have any ideas that you want to do, but?

Until next time … be blessed.

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