Much needed therapy

Three weeks ago, I made the mistake of cancelling a therapy appointment. At the time, I had good intentions. But now I realize I should have scheduled another appointment sooner. The old cliché … you never realize a good thing until it’s gone … kinda sums up where I am right now.

30 years ago, I would or could never mention to anyone that I needed therapy. No way! But today, I will let any and everyone know that I NEED to have these sessions. The kind of therapy where I can say ANYTHING to an unbiased individual who can keep my b.s. talk covered under H.I.P.P.A. laws! (Seriously, it’s not THAT bad. I just wanted to sound dramatic! 😏)

… past resentments and future forgiveness ..

Wendy Shipman

I will say, though, that some days haven’t been easy for me. I am stressed internally, but I try to not show it in my facial expression. I can assure you all that is very hard for me to do. The worse part about holding it in is the problems it causes my body physically. Before COVID, I tried my best not to take anxiety meds regularly because I hate taking pills. Now … I just about take them every day. The anxiety, the headaches, the back pain, the stressors of eating too much or not eating at all – sometimes I feel like a walking time bomb ready to explode. And for a Pisces, this is not what you want from us!

I need to have more back porch evening times with my husband. I think we have finally conquered how to have a strong barrier shield from hungry mosquitoes eating away at our flesh. That itself is a huge task on these warm summer nights. Therefore, not worrying about those annoying little creatures can make our time together more enjoyable. We will have our music playing, maybe a glass of wine, and on a really stressful night, our hookah. On these kind of nights, all I focus on is absolutely nothing. Right now, quiet time has surpassed the ‘want’ stage and is classified as a ‘dire need’!

Anyway, I am looking forward to my therapy session tomorrow. It is MUCH wanted. It is MUCH needed. Dealing with things from the past really helps me to understand why some things linger on during the present. Thankfully, I have much better control of my thoughts on past resentments and future forgiveness. And I’ll continue to pray for myself, my family and this entire world. Lord knows, we all could use an abundant breakthrough for the remainder of 2020!

Until next time …. be blessed.

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