Now is YOUR time

Ever since this terrible thing with COVID-19 started, it has really put things into perspective. Mainly … life in general. This pandemic is by far the worst thing that has happened to me personally – or I should say this last century (besides the wars) – during my lifetime. 100 years ago, there was another pandemic that spread across the world. The best part, there were survivors. So that in itself should be optimistic, right?

But think about this… knowing this virus is out there, not knowing when or if you could or will get it, do you feel that you have really lived your life to the fullest? Seriously, it is mind-boggling the number of deaths that have happened in 2020. Whether it was from COVID or not, the numbers are just staggering! And heartbreaking. I know people who have had the virus and made a remarkable recovery. Then there were those who didn’t survive.

For those who were blessed enough to see another day, do you see things differently now? Do you feel the need to do things you have been putting off, thinking you had more time? Thankfully, I never had the virus, but I have been really thinking about ‘living’. All of those things I never got to do, never made time to do … now is the time. I know some of my desires will be limited, but that’s ok. I can make do with what I can.

Funny story that was told to me last year. A daughter was talking about her mother who finally retired from working after 30+ years. And the mother was getting her retirement money (beneficiaries) in order for her children, just in case … well, you know why. But the daughter said, “NO MA’AM!! You worked too hard all of your life to not enjoy the fruits of your labor.” The daughter told her mother to take her retirement money and enjoy life! Go do the things she couldn’t do because she had to take care of her children. And that is exactly what that mother did. I agree with this wholeheartedly! I know some folks cannot afford to do that. I completely understand. But for those who can – do it!

Well, I haven’t retired, but I am going to try my best to do more with my husband while we still have an opportunity to do so. I don’t want to leave this world without at least making plans. I am thankful for being able to enjoy vacations with my children when they were younger. I pray it will be life long memories for them and they will never forget.

If you are reading this, now is YOUR time. Don’t let time get away from you. Write down your list of TO-DOs and work on doing them… before it’s too late!

Until next time … be blessed.