2 years later …

So far, so good. I finally made it to my surgical oncology office. No, I don’t have cancer, but this physican was assigned to my case 2 years ago … just in case. It’s been over a year since I’ve been checked (due to the pandemic). It’s past time to get over my fear and get checked out.

As you know, I’ve had severe anxiety about going into ANY doctor’s office. Although there were a good amount of people walking around the hospital, it was fairly scattered. I’m glad my CT scan was scheduled before 8am. Still quite a few people, but thankfully folks were seated over 6ft apart.

As I sit here waiting to see the doctor about my results, I am reflecting on just 2 years ago how things were so scary for me. For us. I was a happy newlywed back when medically, things took an awful turn. Honestly, I was more concerned for my husband because he had already lost a wife due to sickness. He was not ready to lose another one. But thank God, I am blessed to be here 2 years later.

No one knows the day nor the hour when God will call His people home. I am so grateful and blessed that I still can hold my husband tight, talk to my children and let them all know they will always be loved. They are my life and my love for them will go on beyond death.

Until next time … be blessed.

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