Depends on how you use it


Words can make you happy and jovial. Words can also cut you like a knife – without the bleeding part. Words can give you hopes of encouragement during a time of need. Words can even make your worst enemies shudder in disbelief. Words… it all depends on how you use it.

There is one word that kinda haunts me though. Even though I had been working for well over a year to get it approved, that word DISABLED just has a “dooms day” effect to me. I thought that the word FIFTY would have made me feel some type of way. But turning 50 years old was a beautiful milestone.

But now I am FIFTY-ONE AND DISABLED. 😐 Wow! I know it’s for my own good from a health aspect. And I am grateful and blessed that I was approved. I just want my husband to continue to look me as the same woman he met before we got married, not with the ‘D’ word hovering over my head. He is ALL I am concerned about. Others, well … some will talk negatively about me regardless so I am completely unbothered by them.

I very well could be overly sensitive about my new reality. I’m sure in time, I will get used to my new ‘adjective’. For now, I will continue to thank God for blessing me and my family (as always). And ask Him for peace as I put another label under my name.

Until next time … be blessed!

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