I Died So I Could Live

On April 21, 2021, my prayer is to have my 2nd self-published book released. This date is significant because on this date 3 years ago, my life changed forever. A life filled with love, peace, and happiness that I never dreamed would have happened to me … not in this lifetime.

My new book is called I Died So I Could Live. Inside the book, it will tell you what I had to endure to receive the Crown of Life God prepared for me. Because of the content of the book, there is a ‘trigger warning’ included. So be prepared if you are not mentally ready to deal with real issues.

Thank you to ALL my supporters. You are EVERYTHING to me!

Don’t forget … April 21, 2021!

Just because a wound is closed does not mean it is healed. My life’s experiences tarnished my crown. I purposely dealt with personal sorrows and defeats on my own. By doing that, I did not completely heal from what was happening to me on the inside. This book of personal experiences and poems is about how I had to re-open my wounds, speak my truths, clean out leftover debris and medicate the hurt just so I could close my wounds properly. I had to learn and understand how to heal from all the damage it caused while polishing and adjusting the crown I so rightfully deserve.

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