It is done!

Whew! What an emotional roller coaster ride! Many bumps … several dips and curves. All of those hard trips going up to hit the peak of the ride, only to mentally ‘trigger’ my emotions to bring me back down. I coasted thru those days, sometimes weeks before the velocity of the ride started again. But I hit my last curve last week. Finally, the ride is complete. I have completed and self-published my second book! Release date will be April 21, 2021.

This, unlike the first book, is my personal memoir. It is deeply emotional and traumatic – thus is why I included a ‘Trigger Warning’ disclosure. For me, those horrible experiences I endured, I chose to deal with the consequences without anyone’s help. And because of that, I subsequently succumbed to problems with mental illness.

As I got older, I found some solace in writing. Thus one of the reasons why I started a blog so I could express my feelings – good or bad. The things I have shared on my blogs doesn’t compare to personal information in the book.

My intent was to write a sequel to my first book. But the more I struggled with writing the sequel, the more God was steering me in a different direction. God spoke to my spirit and wanted me to write about my story, my truth. The reason – I needed to help someone who may have gone through similar experiences that I’ve been through. Life can be hard. They need to know that sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

A part of me is afraid of the people that may or may not judge my character, but then again, people are going to talk anyway – book or not. Another part of me is afraid of speaking my truth. I never had a voice because my voice was taken away from me a long time ago. Feelings are going to be hurt because of this book. But I believe their hurt won’t compare to the years of hurt I endured.

I am excited. I am thankful. I am blessed. I died so I could live my life and live it abundantly!

Until next time … be blessed.