2nd Self-published book release date 4/21/2021

Just because a wound is closed does not mean it is healed. My life’s experiences tarnished my crown. I purposely dealt with personal sorrows and defeats on my own. By doing that, I did not completely heal from what was happening to me on the inside. This book of personal experiences and poems is about how I had to re-open my wounds, speak my truths, clean out leftover debris and medicate the hurt just so I could close my wounds properly. I had to learn and understand how to heal from all the damage it caused while polishing and adjusting the crown I so rightfully deserve.

Wendy Shipman is a 2020 Christian Indie Award winner in the Personal Growth category from her first novella called Inside Of Me. Her life’s mission is to channel God’s gifts by showing mercy and instructing women and men who struggle with depression that they, too, can have a good life despite life’s obstacles. You can follow her blogs at http://www.authorwendyshipman.com or follow her on other social media formats.

Wendy and her husband, Mark, reside in Birmingham, Alabama. The happy couple share three children and a Pug name Rico.

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