What will tomorrow bring?

Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on life. Because it seems life is leaving this earth in record proportions. The number of children with Covid is mind-boggling. And there are NO leaders responding quickly enough to help.

Such a discouraging thing to know that lives are lost because of ignorance. When I say that, I am talking about the ones who are not taking this virus seriously. My husband and I went into a store yesterday. Out of at least 60 people (men, women & children), only about 6 (including us) wore our masks. Vaccinated or not, you still need to be cautious. However, my words fall on deaf ears, so I digress.

After my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I am going back into seclusion. I’m an introvert anyway so being cooped up at home with Rico is no bother to me. I just worry about my husband at work, one son in college, one son in high school and my daughter who works in the medical field. I don’t worry about them doing their part to stay safe. I worry about the ones around them.

In the midst of everything, my anxiety level continues to do it’s thing. I dislike being afraid. I dislike knowing the unknown. And I for sure don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So referring back to my first sentence, I am going to focus on fulfilling my life’s purpose no matter how hard some days may get – and they have been hard. My life is not over until God says it’s over. I have things in place that must done. I will fill you in when we get together again. It’s exciting! 🀩

Until next time … be blessed.

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