Is it wrong to expect Doctors to be perfect?

Here in the US, there was a TV show call Medical Mysteries that I use to watch religiously. Being the medical science nerd that I am, I always found these shows fascinating. Not because of the person’s ailments, but because of the years it would take to finally give a proper diagnosis after all of their suffering. All of the pain, all of the time missed from family, all of the thoughts of an imminent demise… only to be taken seriously by that one doctor who cared enough to go over and beyond to help save that life.

The truth is doctors are not perfect, but we as patients expect them to be.

Then I think back to my own misdiagnosis. 40+ years. At first, one doctor suggested ‘growing pains’. After me complaining more and more, i went to see another newer doctor. Well, after seeing him, I’ve lived with what I was told was Juvenile Arthritis – for years. Listen, I’ve had these pains in my hips that radiated to my thighs as young as 10 years old. And I was fairly smart at that age, but I never believed that was what I had. There really wasn’t much me or my Mother could say but to take the word from this doctor. He was the expert, right? Even though I kept telling him my pain was not in my knee (joints) but that it was above my knees in the thigh area, it always seemed to circle around back to my knees (not listening).

Years … no, decades later in 2021, I was finally given a proper diagnosis for the years of chronic pain (the kind that keeps you up at night and nothing relieves it) … Trochanteric bursitis. Although this type of bursitis is rare during the young age I started having pain, my current Rheumatologist says that I have had it for an extremely long time. Normally, the onset of upcoming rain or bitter cold will cause flare-ups, but just lying in bed the wrong way will trigger it too.

The truth is doctors are not perfect, but we as patients expect them to be. We pay money for them to be. I was misdiagnosed a long time ago of having lupus (I never found out what caused those symptoms), I’ve been told by my doctor that he never prescribed me a medication (I had to send pics of the prescription bottle with his name on it), I was told I had a mass on my ovary (which wasn’t a mass, it was just enlarged), I was prescribed a wrong medication (one I had never taken before but it was sent incorrectly to the pharmacy), I complained about swollen feet/ankles (but my doctor at the time didn’t think it was important enough to address – still dealing with it), a ‘resident’ psychiatrist decided to double the dosage on my antidepressant (it was 2 weeks before I realized my zombie-like cognitive senses were drugged too much for my brain to handle) and I literally could not think or comprehend anything.

I said all of that to say, I’ve had enough of the misdiagnoses and the lack of care when it comes to my health. The only Doctor I trust at this moment is my Psychologist. She keeps my mind at peace when I feel the other doctors just don’t care. I’m scheduled to see a new doctor soon. I am praying that he will have patience with me as I try to regain my trust again. I need this doctor to go over and beyond just for me! Time will tell.

Until next time … be blessed.

**It’s 3:30 am and I have one eye opened. Please excuse any typos**

7 thoughts on “Is it wrong to expect Doctors to be perfect?

  1. Wendy I know what you mean. These doctor’s don’t always have the answers and instead of being honest and referring you to someone that could possibly help, they give a misdiagnosis. I’m suffering right now with pain and yet to get a real diagnosis.

  2. Wow, such a valid post. I’m so happy to have come across your page. I don’t expect doctors to be perfect, but unfortunately from my experience in the medical field years ago and now with a fairly recent diagnosis of epilepsy we cant even count on many of them for integrity or answers to our questions. I’ve had to do my own research and start keeping a medical journal to help control my seizures while all 3 of my neurologists only continued raising the dosage of the medication. I truly appreciate you sharing your story as well my dear. Blessings.

    1. Right! I have never interacted with my neurologist face to face, only through teleconference (because of covid). He’s helping with my migraines. With three different medications later… 🤔
      But your case is extremely serious and I hope they are taking care of like you are supposed to be. Thankfully with your background and still able to do your own research, you can still be an advocate for yourself!
      Thank you! And many more blessings to you! 🌹

      1. Thanks I appreciate it. My blog is all about family history which I’ve been studying for years and there’s no history of epilepsy or seizures on my mother’s side. Yet one day in 2012, the happiest moment in my life, out of nowhere I had a seizure. So I take notes every time I visit any doctor, do thorough research and w/ the help of my children and grandson noting triggers just before having one, I’ve been able to control them to an extent and it’s been almost a year since having one whereas before it 2-3 a month. Thanks, I appreciate your input.

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