Flying into my destiny in 2022

Photographer: Stephanie Greene

Background story… raining, cold, wearing heels (but only for the film), narrow dock next to the water… great ingredients for my sciatica and bursitis flare-ups. “The pain is just in my head,” I kept telling myself. But, I didn’t care. Just for a few moments, I really felt “angelic”.

When my photographer captured this, I had no idea she was even taking pictures as I was walking towards her. So when she sent me the photo, I was floored. The image … it spoke volumes to me. I am in no way calling myself an angel in the literal sense. But I see something spiritual happening within me. You know though, whenever good things are happening, here come those demonic forces (people, health, things) trying desperately to steer me in the wrong path. I mean, that is what they are supposed to do, right? Seek, kill and destroy?

2022 is going to be a game changer. No New Year resolutions… just changes. No time stamp … just changes. I have been contemplating some things in my head, preparing myself for the good and the bad that may come out of it. Everything is a risk, I just have to be smart about the risk taking. But I still believe (even when I don’t understand)! Everything happens for a reason. Everything and everyone has a season. Spiritually, I must trust the process and keep doing as God has instructed me to do.

I am thankful for this picture. It helps me to remember I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I will have flaws. I will never be perfect. I will have trials. I will have disappointments. I won’t even be treated how I deserve to be treated. But I have God who loves me unconditionally and has kept me covered for 52 years. Never thought I would have made it, but I am still here.

Until next time … be blessed. Happy New Year!

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