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What an amazing honor to grace the pages of Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine! Me … a small town girl born and raised in Summerville, SC. A person who felt at one time just existed and never lived. A person who thought that God was punishing me and I didn’t want to deal with the pain of living anymore. The same person who dealt with trauma, humiliation, abuse but still keep going when the world was against me. The same person who birthed two angels who gave me several reasons to live. The same person who met a man that said I was worth everything the world had to offer and would do everything in his power to make sure I am loved, protected and appreciated. I am that person. I am that person who God said I would be. All I had to do was hold on because change was coming. Even though it took years (decades) for my breakthrough, I am here to enjoy the ‘fruits of my labor’. Thank you God … I waited!

Please view the website at, scroll down to see my picture then click on my name. There you will find my article beautifully written by Nailah Herbert.

It is an honor to have Wendy Shipman: Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker in this next issue.

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Editorial feature by Nailah Herbert

Photo by Stephanie Greene


Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine

Until next time … be blessed!