My Superman

Nighttime. My quiet time to reflect (whenever my mind isn’t in overdrive). I have alot of things going on at the moment with my movie premiere, the event preparations, my health, my husband’s health, our three children… not only is it effecting me mentally, but physically as well. I need to take a moment to just breathe … relax. But you all know me by now … relaxing is not in my vocabulary. However, I’ll try.

My husband and I are dealing with some health issues at the same time. He helps me even when I know he’s in alot of pain. And even when I am in pain, I do everything I can for him to make sure he is comfortable. I can see he’s struggling to stay strong for me. He will continue to do for me even when his body is just ready to collapse. But, I finally I had to put my foot down and hike up my pants … contact your doctor immediately!

His response… “Yes Dear.” 😏

He tries so hard to be SUPERMAN all of the time. He forgets … he has his SUPERWOMAN standing right beside him and we are in this together. ❤ In sickness and in health… that was in our vows.

I am praying the doctor can give him some relief soon. I bothers me to no end to see my SUPERMAN being devoured by Kryptonite (pain). But I am standing on solid ground praying for him and God is keeping him covered from dangers seen and unseen.

I love you forever, my dear husband! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for all of the love, support and compassion you give to me. We are in this together Est. 2018.


Until next time … be blessed.

4 thoughts on “My Superman

  1. I love you so much!!!❤️ It’s hard for me to admit when I’m hurting… Growing up in a “suck it up and keep pushing” family has ingrained in me to just keep moving. You really can’t fathom just how much I appreciate you… Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable. ❤️❤️❤️