Plans in progress

I am at a loss of words as of late. Not that I don’t have alot to say (Boy, do I?). It’s just one of those times when I have too much to say, but don’t know where to start. These are the times where I would love to afford to have a Personal Assistant. I can dictate just what I need done with no worries of forgetting anything. How awesome would that be? But for now, it’s just me getting lost in my own thoughts.

Aside from the hustle and bustle of planning a Red Carpet Movie Premiere, I was blessed to have a billboard put up in my hometown in Charleston SC! Needless to say, my Film Director and I were (and still are) over the moon with excitement about this. What a beautiful way to celebrate us as Black Women and Entrepreneurs. We are Black History!

Rivers Avenue, N Charleston SC

In between time, I need to spend some downtime thinking of vacation plans for me and my husband. I need sun and sand sometime somewhere near our Wedding Anniversary. Then after that, we have a college and a high school graduation to plan. Then a graduate school orientation in June. A few months later, a college orientation. Man … no break until September. But that’s ok. It’ll keep my brain stimulated.

Right now, I have plans in progress. I am waiting on God to give me the 👍🏾to get things rolling. In the meantime, if you are able (according to what country you are in), check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Until next time … Be blessed.

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