Don’t miss what’s important

Back in 2016, my two children and I took our last family vacation together. My daughter made a request. She wanted to wake up early one morning to watch the sunrise. Well, one thing that has not changed about me … I am not a morning person. I was reluctant to oblige her request until something happened. That weekend, a dear woman that we both knew and loved suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. That put a new perspective on things.

The next morning, I gladly woke up to see the sunrise with my daughter. And what a beautiful sunrise it was. Another day that God gave us to share together. Another day I got to take pics and hold my children as if it could have been our last time.

Today … well honestly the last few days … I haven’t been myself. I’ve been not in a good place mentally. My husband and I went out to get a bite to eat. While we were sitting, he reached over to take a pic of us. I couldn’t. I cried. I didn’t feel very photogenic (pretty enough is the better word). I saw the disappointment in his eyes. Then I thought about 2016. The “what ifs” started playing over and over in my mind. I didn’t know whether this could be our ‘last’ photo. So I told my husband let’s take that pic, but please don’t post because I look horrible. I looked at myself and the tears started rolling. He took our pic and kissed me.

With so much going on, no matter how uncomfortable I feel, I need to soak in every moment while I can. My illness makes me feel so bad, unworthy, ugly. But I have someone who loves me despite it all. Thank you, Lord, for giving me someone who understands my good days as well as my bad. And he doesn’t judge me for it. I love this man with everything in me. It makes me appreciate the things I never had with anyone else.

Please, don’t take even the smallest moment for granted. Life is too short and too precious to miss what’s important … those who love YOU.

Until next time … be blessed.

6 thoughts on “Don’t miss what’s important

  1. Beautiful Wendy! (I’m sure you looked just fine but I can understand how you feel). Yes if your family loves you be grateful. My family, what little is left, are rather cold dismissive and even abusive. I have my dog though πŸ• 😊 πŸ’•

  2. You are always beautiful to me… I understand that maybe you can’t see what I see…I wish you could….when you can see “inside” of a person and see just how beautiful their spirit is….it constantly shows up on the outside to that person… I love you! ❀️