I can’t do anything with dead flowers

You know the old clich√© "give me my flowers while I'm alive"? You normally hear this after someone has passed away unexpectedly. A person may feel like they didn't do enough or say enough when that person was alive. How many of you believe in that saying? I do. However, flowers (in a literal sense) … Continue reading I can’t do anything with dead flowers

Inside Of Me

March 26th will mark 1 year since the premier of my short film, based from my first book, Inside Of Me. What a overwhelming, yet exuberating time in my life. The making of this movie and the time thereafter brought about several different emotions. But that will be another post for another time. I am … Continue reading Inside Of Me

When I think things over

Over the years, I've had more nos than yeses. I've had more disappointments than satisfactions. I've had more frienemies than friends. I've had my feelings hurt, been laughed at, been lied on ... well who hasn't? Can anyone name one person who's had a perfect life? I've had some good days. I've had some hills … Continue reading When I think things over