A message in the mess and a testimony in the test

Mother’s Day 2023, a day I shall never forget. 3 long years after the Pandemic of 2020, days-weeks-months-years of wearing masks and staying away from crowded areas, anxiety-filled days where fear would set in because of the ‘not knowing’, staying home confined to the 4 walls day in and day out, the gruesome thoughts of when (because eventually, it was going to happen) … well, the time finally came. I got covid.

Imagine me, the Queen of Anxiety, decided to go on a 5 year anniversary cruise with my husband. I do admit, I (we) had such a great time. This was the first time either of us had a balcony room. It was a spectacular view! I will never go any other way again. My favorite go-to place was the casino. I mean, how often do you get an onboard credit of $1k that you can spend anywhere on the boat? I just choose to spend it in the slot machine. (Don’t judge me – I came back with more than I took with me! 😁)

Once we came back from our mini vacation, we stayed with my daughter and left the following morning to go back to Alabama. The minute I walked in her place, I went looking for lysol. The motherly instinct set in and I sprayed every room we went in. I even wore my mask inside of her place. (When the holy spirit told me to do something, I didn’t hesitate.) And I am grateful I did – just about emptied the entire can in one day. Crazy part is I felt great. No pains, no issues. The next day, I even drove most of the way back home.

Wednesday morning, I woke up with a headache (which really isn’t uncommon for me) and I sniffed. My heart sank just a little. I reached under the bathroom cabinet and pulled out a covid test. Positive. 😳 Me not wanting to believe it, grabbed a different covid test from under the sink. Positive. 😩 (Sighhhh) It is done. I told my husband and prepared a test for him. Negative. Thank God. Then I immediately contacted my daughter. A little later on, she notified me – Negative. Thank God once again.

Honestly, I expected the worst. I could only blame myself riding a ship with over 3k people. It is what it is. I didn’t even panic. No need. I just had to deal with it as it came. I had a headache, fever for days (highest was 102°), chills, bodyaches, and loss of appetite. That’s it! No coughing and no shortness of breath. Thank you, Jesus! I was isolated as instructed. On the 11th and 13th day, my tests came back negative. 🙏🏾

I can honestly say that my symptoms could have been so much worse had I not had the covid shot and both boosters. At one point, I felt guilty because I did survive this deadly virus. But God saw fit for me to live and continue this journey called life. I still get fatigued every now and then. My food tastes different, not as good as it should. 🤢

I am so thankful and blessed! And I am even more blessed that my family didn’t get it. Just me. I always believe that there is a message in the mess and a testimony in the test. My husband was with me the entire cruise, and yet I was the only one to get covid. I wholeheartedly believe that was intentional. I believe it was a test of my own personal faith. Anxiety has a habit of overtaking my mind. But this time, although I felt like I should have been, I wasn’t afraid. I prayed my way through. It was alone time with just me and Him. And God kept me safe in His arms! 🙌🏾

Until next time … be blessed!

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