Don’t miss what’s important

Back in 2016, my two children and I took our last family vacation together. My daughter made a request. She wanted to wake up early one morning to watch the sunrise. Well, one thing that has not changed about me ... I am not a morning person. I was reluctant to oblige her request until … Continue reading Don’t miss what’s important

The time has come …

I am so happy to announce that my short film, based on my self-published book INSIDE OF ME, will be streaming on Stef-Lelia Roku Channel starting next week!! I am so happy, excited, proud and overwhelmed with joy. Thank you to Stephanie Greene, Producer and Director. A huge thank you to all of the Casts … Continue reading The time has come …

Am I cheating myself?

I am a giver. It is in my nature. I would do anything I could to help someone in need. Not necessarily monetarily, but things like advice, or prayers, or any kind of other help is what I offer. And I generally do not ask of anything in return. Am I wrong? Am I cheating … Continue reading Am I cheating myself?

Giving in to getting older

Have you ever felt defeated? **DISCLAIMER** Not to the point of where you want to end your life. Not that!! However, you just feel like there is no end to the complacency in life? Almost like you feel stuck with nowhere to go? No? Be thankful because it is not a pleasant feeling at all. … Continue reading Giving in to getting older


I am so blessed, honored and privileged to announce that my short film, INSIDE OF ME won the BEST DRAMA SHORT (April 2022) at the Crown Point International Film Festival!!! What a fantastic accomplishment!!! Special thanks goes to the Cast and Crew that made this possible! Until next time ... be blessed!!

Book Review: Inside Of Me β€” Mental Health @ Home

Ashley L. Peterson, thank you for this beautiful review! Your words make my purpose even more fulfilling!!! 🌹 Inside Of Me by Wendy Shipman is a novella about dealing with depression. It’s a 2020 Christian Indie Award winner in the Personal Growth category. I recently reviewed Wendy’s more recent book, the memoir I Died So … Continue reading Book Review: Inside Of Me β€” Mental Health @ Home

Official Selection for The IndieFEST Film Awards for 2022

What an amazing accomplishment! My first book, Inside Of Me, was the 2020 Christian Indie Award Winner under the Personal Growth category. Then in December 2021, it was made into a short film. Yesterday, it was selected as an OFFICIAL SELECTION by The IndieFest Film Awards for 2022!! πŸ™πŸΎ Praying for a win, but I … Continue reading Official Selection for The IndieFEST Film Awards for 2022