Why not go back?

I can't believe I am starting college again on Monday. I received my Associates in Criminal Justice back in 2016 when I was 47 years old. And to be quite honest, I'm very content with just that. So why would I go back to college at this stage of my life? There are a few … Continue reading Why not go back?

Happy New Year 2023

We made it! Another year to prosper, get things right and gain hope for a brighter future. So why am I anxious? Looking back at 2022, alot of lives have succumbed to death. Although it's a part of the life cycle, it still hurts. And as I get older, I am looking at life differently. … Continue reading Happy New Year 2023

I had a dream

My sleep pattern has been way off. Because of my depressive state, sometimes I find myself up until the wee hours of the morning. Then when it is time to wake up, I can't. Waking up at 10 or 11 is ridiculous. However, considering what time I do go to sleep, I do get my … Continue reading I had a dream

The Counselor

Wendy Shipman Productions presents Jonathan Borden, a licensed counselor who specializes in student, individual and family therapy. Mr. Borden gives us insight on the processes of seeking therapy, holding client/therapist accountability, animal assisted therapy and so much more. Please watch this amazing interview as we continue to talk about mental health. https://youtu.be/Cy_0ujD03Ls Please like and … Continue reading The Counselor

The Reverend

Wendy Shipman Productions presents Rev. Dr. T. Eric Nathan as he discusses mental health and spirituality. Often people associate being depressed as a lack of believing in the works of God. That is so far from the truth. Please take a look at this video and listen as this Man of God talks about mental … Continue reading The Reverend

The Depressed Father

Wendy Shipman Productions presents Mark Shipman, Sr. telling his story about the loss of his former wife and immediately becoming a single father to a teenage son. This is a heartfelt journey of mental health from a man's point of view. Special thanks goes to my husband for being transparent in a world where mental … Continue reading The Depressed Father

I am miserable!

It's been a long time, friends. I haven't been busy. I haven't been working on things. I haven't been occupied. In fact, it has been the complete opposite. I have had so much free time on my hands that quite frankly, I don't know what to do (although I enjoyed being retired). People have been … Continue reading I am miserable!

Don’t miss what’s important

Back in 2016, my two children and I took our last family vacation together. My daughter made a request. She wanted to wake up early one morning to watch the sunrise. Well, one thing that has not changed about me ... I am not a morning person. I was reluctant to oblige her request until … Continue reading Don’t miss what’s important

The time has come …

I am so happy to announce that my short film, based on my self-published book INSIDE OF ME, will be streaming on Stef-Lelia Roku Channel starting next week!! I am so happy, excited, proud and overwhelmed with joy. Thank you to Stephanie Greene, Producer and Director. A huge thank you to all of the Casts … Continue reading The time has come …