What does my depression feel like?

Someone recently asked me what does depression feel like? The person who asked me caught me off guard. Not because of the question itself, but because of who it was that asked me. I suppose in a way, it was the right time to ask because my world was in already in a dark place. … Continue reading What does my depression feel like?

I hate it here

I am so physically tired - for several reasons. I can only blame myself. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Mentally, I am extremely exhausted. Fatigue, backaches, headaches, anxiety, sleepiness ... just to name a few. All I want to do is lay in my bed forever. However, I know I can't. The last … Continue reading I hate it here

I don’t look like what I’ve been through

The last 3 years, my health has not been the best. I am thankful for life. However sometimes, the pain seems so unbearable. Thursday I had an MRI of my back. It wasn't too bad but I felt mentally exhausted afterwards. I had to continually talk to myself and keep my eyes closed like my … Continue reading I don’t look like what I’ve been through

It was for a purpose

Hello! It's been a long time. So much has happened. So much has been done. So much has been accomplished, yet still so many things to still do. But I am glad to be able to say a few words because it's long overdue. 《lo-o-ong sigh》 Some of you may know by now that I … Continue reading It was for a purpose

2nd Self-published book release date 4/21/2021

Just because a wound is closed does not mean it is healed. My life's experiences tarnished my crown. I purposely dealt with personal sorrows and defeats on my own. By doing that, I did not completely heal from what was happening to me on the inside. This book of personal experiences and poems is about … Continue reading 2nd Self-published book release date 4/21/2021

It is done!

Whew! What an emotional roller coaster ride! Many bumps ... several dips and curves. All of those hard trips going up to hit the peak of the ride, only to mentally 'trigger' my emotions to bring me back down. I coasted thru those days, sometimes weeks before the velocity of the ride started again. But … Continue reading It is done!

I Died So I Could Live

On April 21, 2021, my prayer is to have my 2nd self-published book released. This date is significant because on this date 3 years ago, my life changed forever. A life filled with love, peace, and happiness that I never dreamed would have happened to me … not in this lifetime. My new book is … Continue reading I Died So I Could Live


Hello all! I know it's been a hot minute since I have written but I have an excuse. I have been working diligently on finishing my second book. Oh... by the way ... Happy 29 Days in the the NEW YEAR! 🥳 The book has been a slow process because there are so many triggers. … Continue reading Greetings!

Author Interview with Wendy Shipman — Write 2 Be Magazine

Wendy Shipman is an award winning author from Summerville, South Carolina. She has an A.A.S. degree in Criminal Justice. She began writing poetry during a very difficult time in her life. Her desire to become a published author didn’t develop until her late forties. After this experience, it is her mission to continue writing sequels […]Author … Continue reading Author Interview with Wendy Shipman — Write 2 Be Magazine