Inside Of Me Trailer (teaser)

I am excited to show you the trailer (teaser) of the short film for Inside Of Me. Special thanks to Stephanie Greene of Stef-Lelia Productions for bringing my characters to life. Coming soon ... Winter 2022. Please like and share.

Wendy Shipman Productions

I am literally at a loss of words. Too many blessings coming in all at once, I don't have room enough to received them all. But I am thankful and grateful, nonetheless!! Please take a look at my new production logo!! I'm getting ready for whatever blessings God has for me!! More to come … Continue reading Wendy Shipman Productions

Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine

What an amazing honor to grace the pages of Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine! Me ... a small town girl born and raised in Summerville, SC. A person who felt at one time just existed and never lived. A person who thought that God was punishing me and I didn't want to deal with the pain … Continue reading Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine

Flying into my destiny in 2022

Photographer: Stephanie Greene Background story... raining, cold, wearing heels (but only for the film), narrow dock next to the water... great ingredients for my sciatica and bursitis flare-ups. "The pain is just in my head," I kept telling myself. But, I didn't care. Just for a few moments, I really felt "angelic". When my photographer … Continue reading Flying into my destiny in 2022

Short Film for Inside Of Me coming Winter 2022!

~ Photographer: Alexis Oldham So, I did this thing [I'm still on a ’high’ reminiscing about last Saturday] that I never thought I could ever do in my lifetime. I was blessed to have someone to produce and direct my short film, based off my first book Inside Of Me. When I tell you that … Continue reading Short Film for Inside Of Me coming Winter 2022!


I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.John 14:27 NLT Peace... such a small word for a big definition. But when used on a daily basis, it has such a humongous meaning. … Continue reading Peace

It was just a dream! My upcoming short film from my first book Inside Of Me … coming soon!

As each day passes, I get more and more excited! What was just a dream is about to turn into a reality! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ Thank you, God, for blessing me with what I needed on YOUR time! And MY time is NOW! πŸ‘‘ Special thanks to STEPHANIE GREENE for seeing my vision and agreeing to be … Continue reading It was just a dream! My upcoming short film from my first book Inside Of Me … coming soon!

That blessing tho …

I am always thinking, always analyzing, always trying to figure out something - anything! But this constant thinking can be a blessing or a curse. The curse is sometimes overthinking. And that overthinking causes anxiety. That overactive energy might be good for some, but not for me. Once that panic feeling set in, it can … Continue reading That blessing tho …

My humiliating 72 hour stay – Day 3 – I’m done!

Day 3 and I felt like I have sunken deeper than when I first came. Days worth of disappointments, feelings of "I really don't matter" and wasting time I'll never get back. This last night, I didn't sleep well. Thinking the air mattress would have helped, I was painful all night. Tossing and turning trying … Continue reading My humiliating 72 hour stay – Day 3 – I’m done!