Am I cheating myself?

I am a giver. It is in my nature. I would do anything I could to help someone in need. Not necessarily monetarily, but things like advice, or prayers, or any kind of other help is what I offer. And I generally do not ask of anything in return. Am I wrong? Am I cheating … Continue reading Am I cheating myself?


I am so blessed, honored and privileged to announce that my short film, INSIDE OF ME won the BEST DRAMA SHORT (April 2022) at the Crown Point International Film Festival!!! What a fantastic accomplishment!!! Special thanks goes to the Cast and Crew that made this possible! Until next time ... be blessed!!

Official Selection for The IndieFEST Film Awards for 2022

What an amazing accomplishment! My first book, Inside Of Me, was the 2020 Christian Indie Award Winner under the Personal Growth category. Then in December 2021, it was made into a short film. Yesterday, it was selected as an OFFICIAL SELECTION by The IndieFest Film Awards for 2022!! 🙏🏾 Praying for a win, but I … Continue reading Official Selection for The IndieFEST Film Awards for 2022

So I did a thing …

Some will probably believe it's not a big deal. But to me, I did something pretty amazing. My first book, Inside Of Me, was made into a short film. And I had the pleasure of holding a RED CARPET PREMIERE EVENT to show my family and friends my accomplishments. To be completely honest, I was … Continue reading So I did a thing …

My Superman

Nighttime. My quiet time to reflect (whenever my mind isn't in overdrive). I have alot of things going on at the moment with my movie premiere, the event preparations, my health, my husband's health, our three children... not only is it effecting me mentally, but physically as well. I need to take a moment to … Continue reading My Superman

Wendy Shipman Productions

I am literally at a loss of words. Too many blessings coming in all at once, I don't have room enough to received them all. But I am thankful and grateful, nonetheless!! Please take a look at my new production logo!! I'm getting ready for whatever blessings God has for me!! More to come … Continue reading Wendy Shipman Productions

Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine

What an amazing honor to grace the pages of Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine! Me ... a small town girl born and raised in Summerville, SC. A person who felt at one time just existed and never lived. A person who thought that God was punishing me and I didn't want to deal with the pain … Continue reading Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine