When I grow up

I love when children talk about ‘what they want to be when they grow up.’ The excitement in their eyes when they talk about their future really warms my heart. And it’s our job as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, educators, etc. to support them in every way possible.

When I was younger, I never had any dreams or aspirations. I never thought I was good enough to do anything. In fact, I don’t recall anyone ever asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I may have been asked by my teachers, but the conversation never impacted me enough to remember. I do recall as a child, I had a stand up blackboard in my room at home. I would pretend to be a teacher instructing my imaginary students. I would mimic my real teachers by even asking questions to these imaginary students. Hey, since I was an only child, all I could do was imagine. (Smile) So I guess being a teacher was the closest I became to actually having an idea for a career. But in the back of my mind, teaching wasn’t my calling. I knew that.

When I had children, education came before everything else. Both of them were gifted academically. It did my heart good to see them both compete to see who would have the better grades. They were always rewarded for their efforts with free food (pizza), free entertainment (bowling), savings bonds… you name it. That’s one great thing about the schools they went to. The school district believed in rewarding the kids with special treats for doing well in school. I am a firm believer in that as well. I didn’t mind spending extra money for the kids to have fun. They deserved it.

My daughter knew since about 8th grade that she wanted to be a nurse. I knew that would have been the perfect occupation for her because of her compassionate heart. She has an amazing drive for success. I am so proud of her achievements – graduated with honors from high school and received her B.S. in Nursing at age 21. Now my son is a little more laid back, very observant … one of those quiet ones that you have to keep your eye on. 😏 This is also the one who gave his sister a run for her money when competing with grades. He played football for 10 years straight (from little league to varsity), was honored with football Defensive Player of the year for our county, football Defensive MVP at his high school, had the highest GPA (senior) on his football team and received Distinguished Honors at graduation. And though he was scouted to play football at a few colleges, he chose academics instead (😍). Because of his love for the sport, his major will be along the Exercise Science/Physical Therapy field. I am one proud Momma!!!!

Now, I get to put my “Momma skills” on my 15 year old. He gives me alot of ‘Is this lady crazy?’ looks. I am a real hard-ass when it comes to education. I will follow-up with every teacher, I will watch every grade, and if those grades drop, he knows there will be NO basketball! He will get the same treatment I gave my first two. There will be no difference when it comes to raising him. He needs to understand that education is something that NO ONE can take away from him … ever! He’s had a lot of adjustments to deal with since the death of his Mom. But like I told him, instead of allowing his emotions to affect his schoolwork, reverse it. Do everything you can in school in remembrance of Mom! And I am so proud of him because he made the A/B honor for the 3rd nine weeks!! So our next goal is to get started with the main classes he will need to continue his career after high school.

I am a firm believer that young adults need to recognize their purpose in life at an early age. But there are a few of us who don’t have a clue what their purpose is until many years later. [Geeez, that’s me] Oh how I wish I had started early. But, life happens. I wasn’t in a good frame of mind back then because … well … I was always depressed. I was/am determined that I didn’t/don’t want my kids to ever feel that way. They all have a purpose in this life. And they need to utilize their purpose and enjoy life while they can. I was blessed to live to get an A.A.S. degree at age 47. I married my King and self-published a book at 49. So here I am at 50 years old and I can finally say what I want to be when I ‘grow up’. 😊 I’m a living testimony that you can start living your best life at any age.

Until next time … be blessed.